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Foreign trade

Morocco exports and imports most of its goods from the European Union, with France being its largest trade partner, which buys around two-third of Moroccan exports.  Spain comes in second place, followed by the United States, Italy, Brazil, India, Saudi Arabia and China.


Major Imports include oil, wheat, consumer goods and capital goods.  The main export commodities include agricultural products, energy, finished products, phosphates, phosphoric acid and raw materials.


Exports: 20 billion USD in 2011 Major partners: France (20.4%), Spain (18.2%), India (6.4%), Brazil (5.5%), United States (4.8%).


Imports: 41.8 billion USD in 2011 Major partners: France (13.5%), Spain (11.06%), United States (8.4%), Saudi Arabia (6.8%), China (6.5%).


Since the entry into force of the FTA, the value of Moroccan exports to the United States reached the amount of $461million.  Morocco is now the 62nd largest export market for U.S.  goods.


Domestic Trade

Since this sector is playing a key-role, linking producers to consumers, it is important to define precise goals that would adapt to economic and social evolutions and a structuring of the distribution able to improve the competitiveness of the productive sectors.  In this view, the Government initiated a national program called “Rawaj 2020”

Public spaces merchants under the responsibility of municipalities (wholesale markets, slaughterhouses and fish markets).

  • This Plan revolves around four main axes:
  • The large and medium distribution
  • The independent commerce
  • Trade network and the franchise

RAWAJ 2020

The Rawaj Plan 2020, officially launched in 2008, was designed to boost the domestic trade sector, modernize its various components, increase its performance by 2020 and create a trade development fund directed at supporting the promotion and modernization of small merchants' business activities.  The project aims at contributing significantly to the GDP and creating about 450,000 new jobs by 2020.


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