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Green Morocco Plan

The Agricultural sector contributes with 19% to the national GDP, divided between agriculture (15%) and agro-industry (4%). This sector employs over 4 million people including about 100.000 in agro-industry.


Morocco’s agriculture is the largest in the region thanks to its temperate climate. The production includes tomatoes, orange, potatoes, oil olive and olives. Morocco generates sufficient food for domestic consumption, except for very few products such as: sugar, grains, tea and coffee.


The Kingdom’s top five exports are fresh as well as processed fruits & vegetables, olive oil, spices & nuts. In 2005, Morocco decided to open up its agricultural sector to foreign investors. International invitations to tender for a long-term lease of the best arable lands were launched in two phases. The response to the first phase was very encouraging.

Green Morocco Plan focuses on two pillars:

The accelerated development of a modern and competitive agriculture, vital for the national economy, through the realization of thousands new projects with high added value in both production and agro-food.


Support to small holder agriculture through the implementation or professionalization of 545 projects of small farms in difficult rural areas, thereby promoting greater productivity, greater recovery of production and sustainability of farm income.


This second pillar also seeks the conversion of cereal crops with higher added value (or less sensitive to precipitation) and processing of local products. To strengthen the projects of these two pillars, the Green Morocco Plan is based on projects consisting of the so-called cross-sector framework redesign and improvement of water policies, land tenure.


This plan revolves around the concept of aggregation for overcoming constraints to the fragmentation of land ownership patterns, while providing access to aggregated holdings of modern production techniques, finance and markets. It is based on the implementation of a new wave of investment around new players with high managerial ability.


The regional declination of the Green Plan in farm aims to build a regional vision and a regionalized agricultural production, eco-balance between the two pillars and to mobilize regional and natural funds, credit agencies and investors as well as other donors wishing to support Morocco in the implementation of this Plan.

The Green Morocco Plan is designed to promote the development of the entire agricultural and territorial potential. The new Moroccan agricultural sector is meant to open to all using strategies depending on the targeted issues. Green Morocco Plan will contribute to GDP with 174 Billion Dirham, creating 1.15 million jobs by 2020 and triple the income of nearly 3 million people in rural areas.


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